The BBC Documentary :: Laurel Canyon, LA And Beyond

The BBC produced documentaries that take on the mythical American west, or Americana, consistently impress.   The footage found after the jump is no exception. Presently, via YouTube, is the network’s take on the music coming out of Los Angeles, beginning in the mid-60s with the Byrds, on through its eventual, comparatively bleak, decline. Broken up in 7 segments the doc is a great visual companion for anyone who appreciated Barney Hoskyns, excellent L.A. history,”Waiting For The Sun,” its follow-up “Hotel California,” or Michael Walker’s “Laurel Canyon: The Inside Story of Rock-and-Roll’s Legendary Neighborhood.”

After the jump: Video – Part one of seven…..

9 thoughts on “The BBC Documentary :: Laurel Canyon, LA And Beyond

  1. You are aware of the CIA Laurel Canyon connection, or at least the compelling theory of the connection between these young “peace loving” musicians and their parents who mostly were all in the upper echelons of the US military. Start here

  2. No Gene Clark, not even in the Byrds footage. fucking travesty. Amazing how full of themselves these people were.

    Graham Nash: “I spent years with The Hollies perfecting the pop song”

    No you didnt dude.

  3. “You never had anything to do with creating your culture,
    but professionals did.”
    (discussing Laurel Canyon’s legacy.
    SEE Alan Watt/Frankfuhrt School on Youtube)


    ————–ESSENTIAL listening

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