Lissie :: The Aquarium Drunkard Session

Last March, driving back to L.A. from Texas after SXSW, there was one thing the four of us riding down the highway in an old Ford could all agree upon: that Lissie had the best pipes of the week. Reminiscent of the same stuff that made Bonnie Raitt a star four decades before, Lissie, or Elisabeth Maurus, cut a session for us last month with Raymond Richards at Red Rockets Glare Studios in west Los Angeles. I’ll be airing the tracks next Friday, on SIRIUS, but you can download below for a sneak peak.

MP3: Lissie :: Bully
MP3: Lissie :: In Sleep
MP3: Lissie :: Worried About

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4 thoughts on “Lissie :: The Aquarium Drunkard Session

  1. “In Sleep” and “Worried About” titles are switched, the songs are labeled incorrectly.

    Lissie is amazing though, I’ve had the opportunity to see her live and she puts on a phenomenal show with her band.

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