A few summers ago, at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, I caught a limited screening of Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin’ About Him). It took a few years, but the documentary finally landed a DVD distribution deal and is  available to stream digitally via Netflix. Nilsson fans, you need to see this.

More than any other contemporary pop group, the Beatles played an important role in the Nilsson story, both artistically and personally. The band practically launched the singer’s career, at a press conference in the mid-sixties, touting him as their favorite artist and Harry went on to develop a friendship with the band, later working with Lennon and Starr in the 70s. Check out the vox take on the Beatles, below.

MP3: Harry Nilsson :: Mother Nature’s Son
MP3: Harry Nilsson :: She’s Leaving Home


8 Responses to “Harry Nilsson Does The Beatles”

  1. Great stuff. One of the very best vocalists in all of popular music.

  2. You leave the Beatle’s alone Harry!!

  3. long live harry

  4. great documentary!

  5. Watched the doc last night. Great stuff. Someone should make a movie about the Long Weekend.

  6. *”Lost weekend” that is

  7. have to confess, just seeing the name alone makes me want to sing “waaaaa waaaaa waa waa waaa waaa waaaa”. everybody’s talking at you including me. 🙂

  8. Whoa, you missed the best one! His cover of “You Can’t Do That” From Pandemonium Shadow Show – he weaves little pieces of 20 Beatles songs into 2:21. Really great stuff.

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