The End Is At Hand Pt.1 & 2 :: A Homemade Psych Compilation

This is so good. A couple of weeks back the guys at Crescere shot me an email hipping me to their latest creation; a two part compilation of super-obscure, often private press, outsider psychedelic guitar and folk music from the 60s and 70s…all with the underlying theme of the Jesus People’s Movement. From what I can tell a lot of this stuff has yet to be comped (though I’m sure it’s only a matter of time) making this collection all that much more interesting.

I fixed some of the tags in the set with track numbers, the comp’s name, etc and re-upped both at mediafire. Get both after the jump, and be sure to keep and eye on Doug and Josh at Crescere.

Download: The End Is At Hand Pt.1 & 2 :: Disc One (zipped folder)

Download: The End Is At Hand Pt.1 & 2 :: Disc Two (zipped folder)


19 thoughts on “The End Is At Hand Pt.1 & 2 :: A Homemade Psych Compilation

  1. There’s a great band called The Sixth Station from the early 80’s who released an album (Deep Night) who you should check out.

    One of the tracks (Before the Snowfall) appears on one of the Galactic Zoo Dossier comps. Amazing song.

  2. A lot of great music in the mid-to-late 70s is in the Contemporary Christian Music Genre. Everything from Andre Crouch to Chuck Girard / Love Song to Honeytree.
    And very little has been re-released. Odd, since I bet there’s a huge market for it.
    And a lot of it is terrific music.

  3. Hi,

    Any chance anyone can upload this onto Fileserve? (I have a filtered internet connection which only allows me to download from Fileserve – don’t ask why!) I’d really appreciate it. Really need something to listen to on my commute at the moment…


  4. I have downloaded some great music from this blog, discovered tons of new artists.

    This might be the best thing I have found here. Just great stuff.


  5. this is all that i have been listening to, for the past two years. by far, the biggest influence i had when writing the songs for “maraqopa” came from these artists, and their records. thank you for shinning a light, (no pun intended) on, what i feel, is some of the greatest music ever recorded. praise the lord!

  6. I have a radio show (Jesus Revolution) playing these artists and many others than are even more obscure!
    Check it out Thursdays 7a & 7p on

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