This, the third volume in Sublime Frequencies exceptionally great Guitars from Agadez series, doesn’t let up a bit in terms of sheer consistency. Two guitars, bass and drums, the music (described as the ‘now sound’ of Niger’s Tuareg guitar scene) explores Saharan modes, rising and falling into electrified drones reminiscent of the delta and hill country electric blues drifting out of juke joints some 3,000 miles away. Highly recc’d; part of my 2010 Year In Review.

MP3: Group Inerane :: Tchigefen

3 Responses to “Group Inerane :: Guitars From Agadez Vol. 3”

  1. Great! The loose, garage-esque drumming really sold this for me.

  2. sounds like a white denim song

  3. Capt. Colours, you’re kinda right, to me it feels like the record Bonnie Prince Billy is always trying to make. And for that, I love it.

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