David T. Walker :: Lay Lady Lay/Plum Happy 1970

In the hands of David T. Walker, “Lay Lady Lay,” a cornerstone of Dylan’s Nashville Skyline, slides into a jazzy, languid, space residing somewhere just shy of early 70s porn groove and after-midnight lounge. I use neither descriptor as pejorative. Found on the Tulsa-born session guitarists 1970 solo joint, Plum Happy, the track, while devoid of the original’s intent, works on the same level as contemporary George Benson’s Other Side of Abbey Road. Vinyl rip, below.

MP3: David T. Walker :: Lay Lady Lay

5 thoughts on “David T. Walker :: Lay Lady Lay/Plum Happy 1970

  1. I’m almost positive that People Under the Stairs used this tune as the sample for “Acid Raindrops.” Never heard Walker’s song before, but diggin’ it.

  2. Maaannnn…I’ve been searching for this song on MP3 for the longest time. Thanks for uploading this classic version!

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