Cotton Jones :: Gone The Bells (Nighttime Mix)

Last week Cotton Jones began releasing alternate versions and demos via their SoundCloud page, NauNau; a project the Maryland-based group plans to randomly update as time and need permit. Of the four tracks posted thus far it’s the alternate version of Paranoid Cocoon’sGone The Bells” that has been on steady repeat. A little more humid and haunted than what made the final cut, I actually prefer this version, the Nighttime Mix, to that found on the LP proper. Yet another testament to alternate renderings.

Cotton Jones latest full-length, Tall Hours In The Glowstream, a sleeper, is one of my favorite albums of the year. With their feet now firmly anchored in a sound that’s undeniably their own, I cant wait to see where they take it in 2011 and beyond. Cosmic American music, indeed.

MP3: Cotton Jones :: Gone The Bells (Nighttime Mix)

5 thoughts on “Cotton Jones :: Gone The Bells (Nighttime Mix)

  1. i for one just have to say thank you ever so much for turning me on to these guys. i gave them a first time listen w/ this post, and though there are some tunes that i could take or leave, there are others that knock my socks off. i ordered this release from a local shop this afternoon and am eagerly awaiting their phone call. certain songs have a relaxed pace that fits like a soft leather glove & when he’s going at that classic country sound, his vocals seem effortless. they’re tasteful to the degree that they implement a dreamy lo-fi quality, and they seem to match a classic country sound with a soulful percussive swing that has some pop to it. don’t mean to disect ’em to death, but i’m presently working on a body of songs w/ a very similar aim in mind. highlights for me include the above track as well as “something to keep it going,” “by morning light,” “some strange rain,” “man climbs out of the winter,” etc… good find.

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