No, that isn’t a photo of Justin Long, that is Ernan Roch. I have WFMU to thank for my original introduction to his LP, Le Onda Pesada De Ernan Roch Con Las Voces Frescas, and these gents for the recent reminder. An English language Mexican psych album from 1971, this one is heavy on the south of the border fuzz—and if “The Train” hasn’t been comped yet, I’m sure it is only a matter of time. Whereas the vinyl boasts a hefty price tag, a digital rip of the wax has made its way around the Internet, and back again, several times (read: easily obtained via Google). If you happen to have a superior rip/mix to the one posted below, please hit me up.

MP3: Ernan Roch :: The Train

3 Responses to “Le Onda Pesada De Ernan Roch Con Las Voces Frescas”

  1. so good….

  2. YES! Thank you, this is somehow just what I needed right now. Time to fuzz out that guitar.

  3. The remastered album is on sale, available in check it out!

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