Stevie Wonder :: @ Rainbow Theatre – London, 01/31/74

There are very few artists who had album runs like the one Stevie Wonder pulled off in the ’70s (the Rolling Stones come immediately to mind). The following set, from January of 1974, finds the artist in the midst of a creative high while touring the UK. Recorded after Innervisons and prior to Fulfillingness’ First Finale the man is on fire here — an incomparable force unto his own.

Download: Stevie Wonder @ The Rainbow Theatre – London, 01/31/74 (zipped folder, 139mb)

11 thoughts on “Stevie Wonder :: @ Rainbow Theatre – London, 01/31/74

  1. Thank you for your generosity and for your great blog. Enjoy it on a regular basis. Happy Holidays!

  2. Higher Ground on this recording is a Stevie at his very mid-1970s best. Thank you for posting this concert. What a talent!

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