Ersen :: Gonese Don Cicegim

The slice of early seventies Turkish psych that is Ersen’s “Gonese Don Cicegim” has once again found itself sliding in and out of recent DJ sets. Culled from one of my favorite compilations of the last decade—Academy Records masterfully curated Obsession—Ersen works the primal, shreds, half-whispers and then some.

MP3: Ersen :: Gonese Don Cicegim

6 thoughts on “Ersen :: Gonese Don Cicegim

  1. where can one purchase this Academy Records curated “Obsession” CD at? I checked the usual suspects (Amazon, iTunes) and no one has it listed for sale. Anyone know?

  2. LOVETHIS! If you dig this check out Mindig Magasabbra the album is Locomotiv GT the track is Es Jot A Doktor. Hungarian 70’s band.

  3. Uhhh Gaslamp Killer owns this fucking track. Its in both Hell and the Lake of Fire and All Killer. Word up!

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