The Replacements :: Shit, Shower & Shave (1989)

Belated re-up from 2008 for a friend. A long traded compilation, Shit, Shower & Shave, recorded in 1989, is the sound of the band while on tour with Tom Petty who, later, infamously, ripped off Westerberg’s “rebel without a clue” line from the Mats “I’ll Be You.” When asked about Petty’s nicking of the lyric, Westerberg, in character, responded “I’d steal something back from him, if I could find something I liked.” Touché.

Tracks 1-12 Bristol Connecticut August 31 1989 — Tracks 13-17 Milwaukee Wisconsin, June 1989 (originally released on Sire’s Inconcerated promo CD) — Tracks 18-23 Mansfield Massachusetts August 28, 1989

Zipped Folder: The Replacements :: Shit, Shower & Shave (1989)

1 Talent Show
2 ‘Round And ‘Round (Chuck Berry)
3 The Ledge
4 Can’t Hardly Wait
5 September Gurls (Big Star)
6 Another Girl, Another Planet (The Only Ones)
7 Within Your Reach
8 Left Of The Dial
9 Alex Chilton
10 Nightclub Jitters
11 I’ll Be You
12 Bastards Of Young
13 Talent Show
14 Answering Machine
15 Anywhere’s Better Than Here
16 Another Girl, Another Planet (The Only Ones)
17 Here Comes A Regular
18 Achin’ To Be
19 Waitress In The Sky
20 Don’t Ask Why
21 Unsatisfied
22 I’ll Be You
23 I Will Dare

19 thoughts on “The Replacements :: Shit, Shower & Shave (1989)

  1. I’m about to download this mats and am looking forward to it, but also wanted to follow up the first comment about the live stones post. Wow! incredible performances, great clarity, solid recording. This is the most I’ve listened to the Stones in a while. What a gift. I likes me a lot of MP3 blogs, but Aquarium Drunkard is most definitely top dog.

  2. “I keep asking myself: why the don’t make them like this anymore.”

    They do, now and then … you just don’t gedda hear about it most of the time because the music industry is broken. Because it’s broken, the lucky and the few no longer have any hope of striking it rich by putting out an album. So all that’s left are the people who still make great music without dreaming about the big paychecks. But – no national promotion.

  3. Saw this tour; the MAts were fantastic and Petty was predictable much as I like him. I’m just tired of the singalongs like ‘Breakdown’.

  4. Interesting the mention of the Stones here because, if memory serves, Paul mentions at the start of “Round and Round” that the Stones were playing in Philadelphia that night – I think it was opening night of the Steel Wheels tour – “but we’re better…so fuck ’em.”

    How could anyone not adore The Replacements?

  5. The crowd banter from these shows is great. Tommy telling the crowd “you don’t know it” at the beginning of AG, AP, Paul’s snide “you’ll love when he (TP) does it” in response to the dead crowd response to something he does, Tommy yelling “Axl” during one song, the aforementioned Stones comment, “down we go, boys”, “this is Breakdown. Sing along”, and on and on and on. What a great band.

  6. Thanks for this – AND for the Stones, and for all the Tom Waits from the past few years. The Stones show IS really good, nice to hear Mick Taylor live. And such clarity and punch. Maximum rock and roll, as are the ‘mats of course!

  7. Thank you thank you thank you. Awesome coincidence since I listened to Tim and Let it Be today…

  8. Thanks for this. It’s awesome! They are still my favorite band.
    We need a reunion show real bad – From Bloomington, MN

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