The rodeo is back in town January 28th as AD welcomes Les Savy Fav to the Echoplex. Our friends Dirt Dress support so be sure to get there early. This is the first must-see show of the year and we have a few pairs of tickets to give away to AD readers. If you are looking to land a pair, leave your name and a valid email in the address field with your favorite Les Savy Fav jam in the comments. Winners will be emailed; tickets available at will-call.

20 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Les Savy Fav @ The Echoplex”

  1. tragic monsters is my favorite les savy fav song of all time. yay!

  2. Scotchgard The Credit Card from Lets Stay friends definitely…..

    Perfect soundtrack for coming up for rising up from the year from hell (2009), i don’t know if the lyrics say what i relate them to but it was the perfect soundtrack for driving in my car after quitting the most shitty job i had ever had early last year. hope i can catch them.

    Hello from Tijuana

  3. Reformat!!!!

  4. “Lets Get Out Of Here”!!!..

  5. The Sweat Descends

  6. sleepless in silverlake.
    no sleeves.
    who rocks the party.
    but come on you gotta go and support dirt dress’s “Perdido En La Suiciedad”
    this’ll be the fourth time seeing dirt dress, but i gotta see LSF.
    hit me up. i’m down to go!! have mad love for AQUARIUM DRUNKARD.


  8. Yes ! YES! Scotchard

  9. I.C. Timer

  10. Ooooh that’s a hard one. Probably either Sweat Descends or Our Coastal Hymn.

  11. What Would Wolves Do?


  12. **What Wolves Would Do? bad

  13. no sleeves

  14. Sweat Descends

  15. Hold On To Your Genre.

  16. We’ll make a lover of you.

  17. The Sweat Descends

  18. Patty Lee turn the lights out, please!

  19. It’s gotta be One Way Widow. No doubt.

  20. reprobate’s resume

    please go easy on me.

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