Dr. John & Etta James :: I’d Rather Go Blind

In terms of sheer personality the above performance has it in spades (and then some). I happened upon this vintage clip a couple of days ago and have since shared it with just about every Dr. John freak I could think of. This, his pairing with Etta James on “I’d Rather Go Blind,” is beyond inspired. Things start off pretty standard with James laying into a song she’s surely belted out hundreds of times over the course of her career. But keep watching. Soon we witness the true power of a duet, one which takes on a life of its own. When the good Dr. strolls out on stage, from behind the keys to join Etta, well, that’s when the magic happens. Feeling it.

13 thoughts on “Dr. John & Etta James :: I’d Rather Go Blind

  1. Sheesh. That’s great. She can craft a song like no one else. And Dr. John is just amazing. I still prefer the version she does with Shuggie Otis on guitar on The Late Show album, but glad we have both!

  2. This is from BB King and Friends-just finally found the DVD version (wore out the VHS!). Also on it-Stevie Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Albert King, Billy Ocean, and many more-amazing show!

  3. Where can I get a copy of this DVD. I wore out my video of this BB King and Friends concert years ago.
    So sad to hear Etta James has died. What an amazing woman.

  4. Jennifer – I’ve always loved this other classic… Joe Cocker & Patti LaBelle. Very similar:

    Can’t agree with you there. Firstly, it was never written as a duet and nor as a comedy sketch. LaBelle drowning out Cocker and acting crazy whilst Bill Cosby throttles the pianist.
    Etta and Dr John though, wow. Magic right before your eyes.

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