My first impression of Vancouver’s Alex Zhung Hai, who records under the name Dirty Beaches, was that of a cross between Richard Hawley and Leonard Cohen if, say, collaborating with Angelo Badalamenti.  An impression that still stands. Zung Hai’s upcoming LP, Badlands, is a surreal meld of 50s crooner cool coupled with blurry washes of mood and sound. The below track, “Lord Knows Best,” samples and re-imagines Françoise Hardy’s “Voila” as a narcoleptic fever dream.

MP3: Dirty Beaches :: Lord Knows Best

9 Responses to “Dirty Beaches :: Lord Knows Best”

  1. been listening to this track a lot lately. how does the rest of the album hold up?

  2. @K – it’s good and maintains an even keel. ”true blue” might be my favorite cut. he is playing our sxsw party in march. interested to see the live translation.

  3. the answer is, he is spellbinding live.

  4. Of what I’ve heard so far, this man’s music is really great. Looking forward to the LP.

  5. Love this dude – so good!

  6. definitely d.lynch/a.badalamenti—there’s a lot of suicide-alan vega as well
    nice shit

  7. I want to hear a full-length. This track is great.

  8. i fucking love this record. I discovered Dirty Beaches about a week ago through an obscure surf film and fell in love.

    To everyone, check out “True Blue.” It’s stunning.

  9. thank you for turning me on to this! i’m only on the first song of the album, “speedway king,” and i’m loving it. reminds me a lot of early suicide. good stuff.

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