Johnny Adams :: Georgia Mountain Dew

Johnny Adams, a name familiar to most anyone who has ever purchased a southern soul compilation, worked his magic last Friday night. An inspired choice, my friend served up   Adams’s Heart & Soul LP on wax while cracking into a bottle of Jameson just before dinner. The album kicks off with one of the best paeans to missing Georgia, while in Los Angeles, that I know of. Thanks Matt and Jenn.

MP3: Johnny Adams :: Georgia Mountain Dew

6 thoughts on “Johnny Adams :: Georgia Mountain Dew

  1. One of the greatest singers of all time, especially his last several albums, starting with “Walking On A Tightrope”. The Doc Pomus album is amazing.

  2. Years ago, I dated a woman WITH musical taste–crazy as a loon, but great musical taste–and when we broke up, she took the good shit, like my Johnny Adams records! I will NEVER date another woman with musical taste, but I will go buy lots of the old stuff I had at emusic right now!!

  3. Funny story: Matt introduced me to this record in Seattle (Rain City misses Matt and Jennifer dearly!) also over a bottle of Jameson. Great record!

  4. Thanks for this. A refreshing song that forced me to explore more of this guy. That’s why I come here.

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