If you have yet to spend some quality time on youtube with the session Bill Withers cut live in the studio for the BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test in the early 70s, might I suggest you do so immediately. I probably hit it up every six months, most recently this afternoon following a discussion centered around ace drummer James Gadson. A longtime member of Withers core crew, Gadson is featured prominently in the aforementioned session. Get started with the above clip of “Use Me“— a favorite from the set.

8 Responses to “Bill Withers :: The Old Grey Whistle Test, BBC TV 1972”

  1. hell yeah

  2. Much, mucho gusto.

  3. I love this! Thank you for sharing.

  4. […] Bill Withers plays Use Me on The Old Grey Whistle Test, 1972. (via) […]

  5. The Aint No Sunshine Clip is great too. There’s an awesome close-up of Gadson grinning at the funkiness of it all. I’ve always loved that look on his face

  6. great interview with james gadson on brian lebarton’s radio show. some really great stories in here… had no idea gadson was the session drummer for the LINNdrum samples. enjoy.


  7. I just saw the documentary ‘Still Bill’ and I saw and heard a man who is in touch with some other kind of consciousness. Words like wise and soulful don’t do him justice, the documentary has to be experienced. And thank god he never once mentioned god!!!

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