A vinyl-only tribute compilation (distributed by Norton Records), Daddy Rockin’ Strong rounds up thirteen Nolan Strong bangers covered by various true believers in the worlds of rock and roll, punk and garage. Players include, but not limited to, Reigning Sound, Mark Sultan, Gentleman Jesse, The Dirtbombs, Cub Koda, Andre Williams and Lenny Kaye. In short, the list of participants is a  veritable ‘who’s who’ if you worship at the alter of this sound.

The record was compiled by The Wind Records last year in memory of the late Detroit-based R&B singer who both influenced and was praised by Smokey Robinson. Existing in the pre-Motown era, Strong’s high tenor, doo-wop inflected, R&B romps crossed over with two hit songs, “The Wind” and “Mind Over Matter” (covered here by Mark Sultan and Reigning Sound respectively). Strong died in 1977 and his music has remained out-of-print since the early 80s.

“I put the record together because Nolan Strong’s voice is criminally overlooked. None of Nolan’s records have been in print for over 20 years. In fact, they never made it to CD. The goal of this record is to get people interested in seeking out some of his dusty old 45s.” Quote taken from Jason Gelt’s LA Times piece on the comp from last September while interviewing the project’s handlers.

So here’s to dusting off those old 45s and hopefully getting some of these jams reissued. They certainly deserve it.

MP3: Cub Koda :: You’re The Only Girl, Delores
MP3: The Dirtbombs :: Daddy Rockin’ Strong

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  2. sweeet!

  3. “the wind” is an incredibly beautiful piece of music..

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