Shocking Blue :: Venus/Hot Sand (Vinyl Rip)

Come for the ear candy that is “Venus“—stick around for the pop trash goodness of “Hot Sand.” (Is that a sitar I hear? Yes, yes it is). Culled from a 7″ vinyl rip of early 70s Dutch rock weirdos, Shocking Blue.

MP3: Shocking Blue :: Venus (vinyl rip)
MP3: Shocking Blue :: Hot Sand (vinyl rip)

9 thoughts on “Shocking Blue :: Venus/Hot Sand (Vinyl Rip)

  1. dunno if it’s the same in the states but the song Venus (different version) is used in a god awful razor advert over here in the UK and is now unfortunately forever tarnished for me!

  2. Yeah, they use it in women’s razor blade ads over here to. Different version, but still tarnished

  3. I haven’t heard Hot Sand since I found my mother’s magic box of 45’s in my grandparents basement. The Everly Bros., Little Eva, The Kinks “Victoria”, Johnny Horton, Bob Seger System. A very special day indeed. Thanks for helping me remember!

  4. these guys also did the original version of “Love Buzz” – which i am guessing the majority of this sites readers know from Nirvana’s first record.

  5. The song has a familiar riff to it. Definitely better than I envsioned. If I see it in a thrift store, i’ll pick it up. Thanks for posting it.

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