This shit just works on so many levels. Like most everything Nina Simone chose to cover throughout her career, this, her incredibly funky take of Aretha Franklin’s “Save Me,” adds a muscularity to Aretha’s already powerful performance. No one emotes quite like Simone—who really gets inside the material and wrestles it, hell, exorcises it, from the inside out.

MP3: Nina Simone :: Save Me

10 Responses to “Nina Simone :: Save Me (Aretha Franklin)”

  1. “This shit just works on so many levels” may be my favorite piece of music writing of 2011. I’m not even kidding.

  2. oh man…yes!

  3. Well done sir!

  4. So true. Nina’s covers are the tops; Funkier Than A Mosquitos Tweeter, Suzanne, Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood….The list is endless. I also thank Nina in a big way for turning me on to the songwriter Exuma, through her amazing renditions of Dambala & 22nd Century:

  5. insanely good!!! thanks.

  6. Haha! Nice work. Great tune.

  7. what they said. plus, great photo

  8. Holy crap, this puts the funk right in my trunk! Makes me want to shake loose with my caboose! Thanks for the pick me up.

  9. Nice, very nice. I almost crashed busting out my moves while driving, this is dangerous stuff!

  10. […] Nina Simone, “Save Me” from The Soul of Nina Simone, 2005. (Click to Download | Source: Aquarium Drunkard) […]

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