Originally released in 1969, Marva Whitney’s James Brown produced LP It’s My Thing plays out something like the JBs fronted by Betty Davis. Brown’s leading female vocalist during the late 60s, Whitney expertly works the material here (arranged and co-written by Brown, backed by the JBs) as only someone who spent time in Brown’s touring camp could. Per usual, Brown’s call and response jams with Whitney (see: “You Got to Have a Job (If You Don’t Work, You Can’t Eat”) scratch an itch the only way the godfather can.

Also of note: sampling enthusiasts will find many a familiar break and beat throughout the album.

MP3: Marva Whitney :: It’s My Thing (Pt 1)
MP3: Marva Whitney :: You Got to Have a Job (If You Don’t Work, You Can’t Eat)

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  2. yes!

  3. hello, it been 3yrs since my stroke..doing good….marva whitney

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