Bill Fox :: Over And Away She Goes

I worked as the music supervisor for my friend’s upcoming film, Natural Selection (it premieres at SXSW/Film should you find yourself in Austin next month). While I couldn’t find a spot for Bill Fox’s “Over And Away She Goes,” the track has long been on my short list of tunes that I’ve been expecting to pop up in “the next” indie/quirky/comedy. Charming like a bedroom recorded Ray Davies, it’s surely only a matter of time.

MP3: Bill Fox :: Over And Away She Goes

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12 thoughts on “Bill Fox :: Over And Away She Goes

  1. He was in the Mice, who were also amazingly good. If you haven’t already, you should buy the comp, For Almost Ever Scooter.

  2. Yeah whatever happened to this guy? That first record was 100% good songs (“Appalachian Death Song” being my fave), and the second one wasn’t far behind.

  3. There was a great article in the 2007 music issue of The Believer about Fox and his life since making all this music. Sadly, it’s not available online, but well worth hunting down and reading. Here’s a link to the issue in question. For whatever reason, it’s one of only three articles from that issue not available in their archive:

  4. You can find the article about Fox (mentioned above) by searching for a document on google. However, this statement appears at the end of the article: “Out of respect for Fox’s wishes, this piece will not appear on our website.”

  5. So awesome you posted this. Just an update for everyone, Bill is alive and well in Cleveland and making music.

    I am a longtime fan, and we had him up for our annual label anniversary party last year in Ottawa (with other shows in Montreal and Toronto). He played solo and sounded as great as ever. There’s some evidence on YouTube.

    He recently finished a new album, and is hard at work on yet another with a backing band. Great to see some interest in his work, as I’ve been helping him pitch a bit for film/TV. Nice to see he almost got used in something!

    He is an American classic, one of the greatest living songwriters, and anyone that doesn’t own the aforementioned album and the brilliant Transit Byzantium is truly missing out. Transit is due for reissue this year on Scat, but is on iTunes.

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