Ambulance LTD :: Arbuckle’s Swan Song

With “Arbuckle’s Swan Song,” Brooklyn genre-benders, Ambulance LTD, somehow teleport back to Los Angeles, circa 1975, expertly capturing a whiff of the city’s laissez-faire hedonism. Culled from the band’s New English EP, the track was included in our LA Burnout 2: Still Burnt compilation from last year.

MP3: Ambulance LTD :: Arbuckle’s Swan Song

9 thoughts on “Ambulance LTD :: Arbuckle’s Swan Song

  1. F! I remember this song from LA Burnout 2 and I just assumed they were some obscure 70s California group. Gotta admit, I AM digging this and Grabbing New English now. Thanks again AD.

  2. was a big fan of ambulance ltd when their first album came out, highly recommend it and still put it on from time to time. nice to see AD highlight them

  3. Hi, I want to download both LA Burnout playlists, but I don’t see how to download. Is it thru the eMusic link?

    Thx, great tunes!

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