Amanaz :: Khala My Friend

I’ve been pulling heavily from several Now-Again Records releases from past year on the radio show. I mentioned Witch’s Introduction, here, but this related Zambian monster of an LP, Amanaz’s Africa, has been getting just as much play. Speaking of Now-Again, they just released an Indonesian psychedelic-funk anthology that I’ll most definitely be endorsing on here in the near future. As my friend Ian   is oft to say, music is the best.

MP3: Amanaz :: Khala My Friend

9 thoughts on “Amanaz :: Khala My Friend

  1. Yeah…music is great. I love that you’ve pre-endorsed the Now and Again anthology…fuckin’ tastemaker, you!

  2. AHHH NUTS! I just found a cd-r labeled “amanaz” about two weeks ago in a void of an appartment. I finally decided to give it a listen a couple nights ago and man alive! bigtime brain melter/soul soother/good-mooder. duder. hell yeah

  3. Hey, does anyone know where I can buy or download more mp3s fomr Amanaz online ? not on itunes of course. must have more!!

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