First taste of the Henry Clay People’s upcoming a five track EP, This Is A Desert, out in May via TBD Records.

MP3: The Henry Clay People :: California Wildfire

9 Responses to “The Henry Clay People :: California Wildfire”

  1. Thanks for posting! Love the new track.

  2. Love it…thanks AD

  3. […] ||| Download: “California Wildfire” (via Aquarium Drunkard) […]

  4. I’d buy that

  5. Love it. “Cal Wildfire” is great !

  6. Awesome! Can’t wait for your show @ 1st Ave in September.

  7. Where the hell is the “early Replacements” in this (PR blurb)? This sounds like The Killers or some crap like that. This sucks.

  8. […] This new song “California Wildfire” from Cali based band The Henry Clay People has sparked my rock n roll interest today.  The band apparently is using this tune to promote a new EP entitled This is a Desert which is due out on TBD Records sometime this May.  Enjoy the tune and keep up the rock. (via AQD) […]

  9. […] Click Here To Download & Share “California Wildfire” LA Times : “If brains were noise, they’d be The Henry Clay People.” […]

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