I caught wind of this German take on the Beach Boys “In My Room” via a collection of non-English covers over at When You Awake last year. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say the version has supplanted the original, damn if I haven’t reached for it time and again over the past eight months.

MP3: The Beach Boys – Ganz Allein (In My Room)

4 Responses to “The Beach Boys :: Ganz Allein (In My Room)”

  1. Hey, Great song!
    do you have the link to the original post?

  2. bittersüß!

  3. Well done. I have never heard this before. I do remember the Beatles recording She Loves You and I Want to Hold Your Hand in German during that same era. What other mainstream pop/rock artists did the same thing (record their English hits in additional languages) in the 1960s? Sometimes foriegn language artists did alright in their native tongue in the US. Remember Sukiyakiby Kyu Sakamoto in the early 1960s?

  4. NPR did a report on a whole CD full of US artists recordings in different languages.
    I think it was all Motown.

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