Cracked Actor, the BBC produced Bowie documentary focusing on the changeling’s time spent in LA post-Ziggy/pre-Station To Station, is a raw—at times unsettling—look into the artist’s life and career during the mid ’70s. A period often mythologized as a sort of hedonistic manifest destiny gone purgatorial limbo, the always svelte Bowie is positively skeletal here—a physical deterioration that when coupled with some of the film’s archival interviews goes a long way to show just how precipitous Bowie’s stay in Los Angeles really was. In short, Cracked is a candid, essential, watch for Bowie completests, especially for those interested in this period of his career.

Originally broadcast by the BBC in 1975, the documentary has been available on DVD (via dubious gray market bootlegs) and is widely circulated online. You can stream it below, in its entirety, or watch it here.


14 Responses to “David Bowie :: Cracked Actor (BBC Documentary)”

  1. Thank you!

  2. cool, sounds great

  3. Yes!!

  4. Do you have any idea where to find that version of Sweet Thing/ Candidate?

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  6. Must. See. Now.

  7. Just watched…thanks for the gift

  8. I really wish there was a documentary/footage/whatever covering the all the years between Young Americans (where this BBC documentary ends) through Let’s Dance.

  9. I saw this last year. In parts its very very scary. I had read material on this stage of his life, but to see it “in the flesh” is spine chilling. Despite the darkness around him, the guy’s monumental talent is there to see.

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  11. Has it been taken down? Says not available at Google, and won’t play on this page. Or maybe it’s limited to the UK…?

  12. ahh, too bad. wasnt a legal stream, so only a matter of time. – AD

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  14. Wish this was available on DVD love it

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