AD Presents :: Dengue Fever (A Khmer Music Mixtape)

Welcome to the latest installment of an ongoing mixtape series in which I highlight some of my favorite voices online and beyond. This week we take a trip to sixties Cambodia catching up with Dengue Fever who are set to drop their fifth LP, Cannibal Courtship, April 19th. In the meantime download the first single “Cement Slippers”, for free, here. Below, Dengue Fever’s Ethan Holtzman discusses the Khmer Rouge history behind his playlist:

“These songs are important, not only because they sound great, but because the singers and songwriters were killed during the Khmer Rouge genocide for being musicians and free thinking artists. I want to raise the consciousness of our listeners so we can ultimately end this brutal cycle of violence. History has a way of repeating itself, and we must remember those who perished for the freedom of others. It was not that long ago that such atrocities occurred. They happened in Africa even more recently and we have to be aware and vigilant to prevent this from occurring again. There is one song at the end of the play list by Loak Klang which is a newer hip hop track that infused traditional Khmer musical elements mixed in a modern way. I included it to show that the influence from these great musicians is living on and is still felt today.” -Ethan Holtzman, Dengue Fever

Mixtape download and details after the jump…

Download: AD Presents :: Dengue Fever (A 1960s Khmer Mixtape) 45mb

Cambodian Music :: Bang Bang
Ros Sereysothea :: Cold Sky
Roserey Sothea :: Flowers
Loak Klang :: Loak Klang
Sin Sisamouth :: Unkown
Unknown :: Unkown
Sinn Sisamouth :: Neang Kaich Thai Ongerng
Unknown :: Oun Rognea Dol Chung Knong
Pan Ron :: I Want To Be Lour Lover
Sinn Sisamouth/Pan Ron :: Jasmine Girl

7 thoughts on “AD Presents :: Dengue Fever (A Khmer Music Mixtape)

  1. sin sisamouth is awesome. i’ll never forget taking the bus into cambodia from thailand, and the bus driver had a sisamouth mix on the tape deck. i made sure once we hit phnom penh, that i tracked down some CDs. still among the favorites in my collection…every time i hear someone is going to cambodia, i beg them to seek out more.

  2. Thanks. Been on a Khmer pop jag for a couple years now. Ros is my fave, but always happy to hear other stuff too.

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