Cue this up—turn this up. Chilean psych-rock powderkeg from Aguaturbia’s 1968 self-titled debut. Viva.

MP3: Aguaturbia :: Rollin’ ‘N’ Tumblin’

5 Responses to “Aguaturbia :: Rollin’ ‘N’ Tumblin’”

  1. Fookin’ ‘ell. What a great image. The tune jams pretty hard, too.

  2. she looks nice but there’s no reason for naked dudes–

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  4. Nasty nice and not what I expected. Any interesting back story on these monsters?

  5. @Andrew, I only know their stuff via the Psychedelic Drugstore collection rounding up the 1st 2 records. Not sure what/if they did much else after that.

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