One thing about doing a show on satellite radio is that you can pull shit like airing “Sister Ray” in its entirety. While not my favorite Velvets boot, the 1967 Live At The Gymnasium set (that surfaced a few years ago) is not without merit, specifically as it’s the first recorded appearance of said “Sister Ray” and features the grimy “I’m Not A Young Man Anymore,” an excellent ruckus that was “new” upon this sets release. Check it below in all its garage-gnarled glory, along with “Guess I’m Falling In Love.”

MP3: The Velvet Underground :: I’m Not A Young Man Anymore
MP3: The Velvet Underground :: Guess I’m Falling In Love

9 Responses to “The Velvet Underground :: I’m Not A Young Man Anymore”

  1. What _is_ your favorite VU boot?

  2. Also, what yr take on the Robert Quine tapes?

  3. i’d be interested in perusing of an AD VU bootleg piece.

  4. Dig the Quine tapes!

    Boris – seen this? i still have a number of these in one form or another fromback in the day:

  5. The Wolfmen, Marco Pirroni from Adam and the Ants new band, do a cracking version of I’m Not A Young Man Anymore on their new LP Married To The Eiffel Tower. Check out another Wolfmen cover version (Needle In The Camel’s Eye by Brian Eno) here

  6. how great would it be to have one of the green vinyl copies?

  7. Satisfied-thank you, i’ll definitely give it a go.

  8. Can anyone guide a fan to some sites for good (or I suppose I’ll settle for decent) sound quality VU boots? And maybe recommend some of your faves and/or the best ones? I’ve been into the band for a long time and love the Quine tapes plus the Max’s KC and Live albums but have never explored the non-officially released stuff. Thanks for your help!

  9. […] if paired with Spacemen 3′s Forged Prescriptions and the Velvet Underground’s ’67 Gymnasium bootleg. The two tracks below hail from the reissue of the Philadelphia based Lantern’s second […]

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