Sludging through the ever-expanding assortment of year-end lists feels like a second job by mid-December. Having said that, I’ve never not come away with at least a few new favorites that I either missed entirely or blew off over the previous twelve months. Case in point, last year I was rewarded with Lower Dens‘ LP Twin-Hand Movement; an album that has been in constant rotation since December.

Vaguely aware it was Jana Hunter’s new project I went into the record expecting something more in line with her previous solo LP There’s No Home (a great album in its own right), and was greeted with something else entirely. Substituting the folk inflected backbone of her previous work with washes of ethereal guitar, atmosphere and vox, Twin-Hand Movement feels spacious, cinematic and fuzzy. Crystalline clean guitar lines back up against distortion, rolling basslines and Hunter’s haunted vocals. While clearly situated in the here and now, Twin-Hand Movement would not feel out of place sitting amongst your old Galaxie 500, Spacemen 3 and 4AD records. High praise, indeed.

MP3: Lower Dens :: A Dog’s Dick
MP3: Lower Dens :: Hospice Gates

8 Responses to “Lower Dens :: Twin-Hand Movement”

  1. yeah man, one of my faves from 10

  2. They did a great NPR Tiny Desk Concert a while back.

  3. Sounds similar to Galaxie 500 and Spaceman 3? I’ll have to check this out!

  4. WQFS had them live at Guilford College in Greensboro back in the fall and it was a great, great show. Much agreed about it being one of the best of ’10.

  5. ‘A Dog’s Dick’ is a fantastic song. I’m gonna have to check out the rest of this album.


  6. I don’t know why I overlooked this band. I guess I just never got around to giving them a full and proper listen. But “Hospice Gates” is really doing a number on me right now. Thanks Drunkard.

  7. Like it too, discovered it in the same way… I recall hearing the NPR guys rave about it…

  8. looking forward to future music rom these guys. great first effort

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