David Bowie: Fresh from Divorce: The Scary Monsters Chronicles

I’ve been a real freak for Bowie’s Scary Monsters over the past year. Compounding this near obsession was discovering the collection Fresh from Divorce: The Scary Monsters Chronicles five or so months back. At 19 tracks the (very) grey-market bootleg is described by its compiler as a selection of “relevant documents surrounding the creation of the album including alternate versions and demos.” It also features several television performances (notably Saturday Night Live), but as a listener you show up, and stick around, for the meat which is the demos and alternate takes. Full download and notes can be found here. A very cool look inside and behind the last truly great Bowie record.

Below, the video for “Fashion,” the second single off Scary Monsters to be released in 1980. Dig as Bowie cops at least three new dance moves and be sure to play ‘spot the band member.’

In Related Bowie News: Looks like Google Video has removed the stream of Cracked Actor, the BBC produced 1975 documentary I wrote about last week. But…some savvy online sleuthing should still lead you to it with a bit of perseverance. It’s very much worth the effort for Bowie enthusiasts.

11 thoughts on “David Bowie: Fresh from Divorce: The Scary Monsters Chronicles

  1. David Bowie is amazing!!!.. Was just thinking he would be great as a judge on Simon Cowells show X Factor USA.. They need some real talent on there.. LA Reid was confirmed and just think of David Bowie sitting next to them trying to find some good talent…Just saying

  2. @alex – unlike, say, a freely traded live boot, grey market typically refers to collections sold in stores; though most often w/out artist permission. see: the recent Tom Waits “Romeo Is Bleeding” Live In Austin album, etc. etc.

  3. Great version of Scary Monsters country-rock style on ONXRT – Live from the Archives Vol. 8

  4. if anyone has the link for vol 2 could u please post it???
    it tells me i have to “start extraction from vol 1”? can’t seem to make it work

  5. I’ve never done coke, but I’m guessing the ‘twitchy’ nose Bowie keeps doing has something to do with it

  6. Hey there, thanks for all the great music over the years! This one is great too! But for some reason the links for parts 2 and 3 aren’t working. Anyone have a good one?

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