Led by Evan Brody, Ridgewood, NJ’s Family Portrait hooked me in 2009 with the hazey/fuzzy milieu of “Mega Secrets” prior to gigging at our inaugural Waved Out fest, last spring, here in LA. This week saw the release of the band’s eponymous debut, the self-titled Family Portrait, out on the Underwater Peoples label. Check out “Other Side,” the first taste from the LP, below.

MP3: Family Portrait :: Other Side

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  1. […] Aquarium Drunkard ยป Family Portrait :: Other Side […]

  2. […] Thankfully, that bad taste from a year ago has been washed out of my ears with the news that Family Portrait is to release their S/T debut on PT-Music favorite Underwater Peoples Records. The first “single” from the new album is this killer-ly catchy vibe-inducing transcendental track “Other Side” which you can check out below (via Aquarium Drunkard): […]

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