Zipper :: Bullets

File under awesome. 1973 no-frills, no bullshit, cock rock. This is Zipper—Fred Cole and company’s sicko American twist on Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

MP3: Zipper :: Bullets

6 thoughts on “Zipper :: Bullets

  1. The most hilarious, gloriously stoopit rock lyrics I’ve heard since Spinal Tap’s “Big Bottom”!!

    “Wanna stuff my face in your swimming hole”
    “Wanna cook my muscle in your frying pan”


    Thanks AD!

  2. It’s a very Curtis Mayfiend kind of voice. This is fucking excellent. I’m not a lyrics person, so I’ll blindlessly listen and love it and once I start to KNOW it, I’ll realize just how stupid the lyrics really are.

  3. Abby, please apologize to Mr. Curtis Mayfield immediately!!

    It’s a half-assed Robert Plant impersonation, like the man said: “sicko American twist on Zeppelin and Black Sabbath”.

  4. Warning DO NOT just type “Zipper” into MOG and hit play. There is a really sucky band that is the antithesis of this Zipper with the same name. My ears hurt.

    This Zipper sounds like the band I wanted to be start in 1983.

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