Ray Charles :: Live In Concert, 1964

An inherited copy, on wax, of Ray Charles’ Live In Concert has been in my regular rotation for years. Last month I read (via the LA Times) that the classic set was finally seeing a CD release. The following bit further grabbed my attention: “The original 12-song LP, which peaked at No. 80 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart in 1965, will be fleshed out with seven bonus tracks, including his rendition that night of “Georgia on My Mind,” which was left off the album.” Also, for those of you wondering, there is no planned vinyl reissue at this time according the folks at Concord Music.

We have several copies of the set to giveaway to AD readers. If interested, leave your name, a valid contact in the email field, and your favorite Ray Charles recording, live or otherwise, below in the comments. Winners chosen and notified by next Friday.

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  1. My favorite Ray Charles Album has always been Mondern Sounds in Country and Western music I bought it at garage sale on a lark and the track You Win Agian is a song I cant not revisit.

  2. I don’t need no doctor.

    Because it got me through many lonely boring nights in the Peace Corps.

  3. Love Ray and “Georgia” for the incredible, positive connotation it brought an entire state.

  4. The best – and most unnoticed – track Ray ever recorded was on the ‘The Genius Sings The Bllues’ album: “I Believe To My Soul” … short, poignant, and lots of Fender Rhodes 77-key piano goodness with just the right amount of tremolo to put it over the top … Runner-Up Number Two would be ‘Georgia On My Mind’ and Number Three would be ‘America The Beautiful’ … do I really need to go on to list things like ‘Hallelujah I Just Love Her So’, ‘Talkin’ ‘Bout You’, and on and on and on … ? I didn’t think so … Glad to see Ray’s gettin’ some props here with this post …

  5. My fave has always been a Mexican boot I got called Grandes Exitos. It appears to be live – “Busted”, “Don’t Need No Doctor” – the first time I really *got* Ray. The tape’s about worn down to bare plastic but I still play it sometimes.
    Longtime reader, first-time horner-inner…thanks for being here.

  6. Right now I’d say “Carryin’ the Load.” Very excited to hear that this is being re-released – who knows what happened to my parents’ old copy.

  7. Hit the Road Jack is Ray at his best, well I guess Georgia and I Don’t No Doctor are pretty good too. In fact the man belted out some great tumes over the years.

  8. Recently I have been listening to the ABC Records LP “Ray Charles Invites You To Listen”. It doesn’t have the grit of his Atlantic stuff (string arrangements on most of the tracks) but it has grown on me recently. I bought it a few years back for a buck or two. The vocals don’t disappoint and the inclusion of “Yesterday” by The Beatles is a nice bonus.

    My favorite all time Ray Charles track is “Lonely Avenue” written by Doc Pomus.

    I have never heard the the “Live In Concert” record but it will definitely be added to my list.

  9. Favorite? You can’t beat What’d I Say. But I love his lesser known first duet album, “Friendship” (which came out in 1986). Ricky Skaggs, BJ Thomas, Willie, Merle, George Jones, Chet Atkins and Janie Frickie (what ever happened to her?) all sang along with Brother Ray.

  10. Hallelujah I Love Her So with Milt Jackson from the Soul Meeting album. Been listening to this album repeatedly for several weeks.

  11. Ah brother Ray, it gots to be “What I Say (Live)” . I remember the night when long ago he played it on SNL. Twas my introduction to the greatness that was the man.

  12. I’m an Atlanta boy, right or wrong, so what else could it be. Nothing like sitting out at the Stone Mountain Laser Show, watching all those red necks get all misty hearing Ray sing “Georgia On My Mind.”

  13. My favorite album by Ray is a live boot from 10.22.61 – Palais Des Sports – Paris, France. Amazing set (and killer sound quality. The version of “Come Rain or Come Shine” on it has brought me to tears.

  14. Drown In My Own Tears – kills me every single time.

    I can remember almost 15 years ago Ray was playing in a tourist town I worked at over the summers. The venue couldn’t give tickets away to the show. I went, by myself, and don’t think I blinked the whole show. I get chills just thinking about the room that night and how unfortunate it was that nobody showed up that night. Ray sure did.

  15. The Ray Charles Live CD is hard to beat. It’s the combination of two ’50s live concerts that were each released as LPs. This concert was from 64 and would be great to hear.

  16. Ray Charles and Betty Carter: Baby, It’s Cold Outside. No other performance can touch that recording.

  17. Greenbacks or It Shoulda Been Me. Lots of other great ones have been mentioned, but those two are classic.

  18. I’ll never forget sitting on the porch at a pub in Nimbin, NSW, OZ and two old local farmers, one on a ragged guitar and one signing, were drinking and carrying on while working their way through various tunes. Locally grown smoke filled the cool mountain air and while the matron of this fine establishment, the name of which escapes me, was preparing some fresh sausages on the BBQ. These two guys then jumped into a up-tempo version of Georgia on My Mind, which was as good as any I’ve ever heard (short of anything done by Ray himself). Being from Georgia, I sent them a round of beers and we ended up drinking, smoking and talking about Ray Charles’ (and others’) music well into the night. Good times.

    That song always takes me back there. Genius indeed.

  19. i think “lonely avenue” is my favorite. love the melody and cadence of the song.

  20. It’s not obscure, but the “Modern Sounds” disc just because it broke down so many barriers. + the version of “bye bye love” kicks ass.

  21. “Half As Much” There’s no more heartbreaking lyric than “If you only loved me half as much as I loved you.”

  22. night time is the right time to put on “night time is the right time” with the old lady.

    p.s. keep up the good work… ya got a wicked blog mayne.


  23. I saw Ray live outside oat the Esplanade in Boston. That’s my favorite Ray Charles memory.

  24. I don’t know if it was recorded, but I saw him at SPAC in NY when I was about 12. I remember he put the whole show on hold so his back-up singers sounded just right. Always the perfectionist I suppose. I love it.

  25. Have a Smile With Me… it’s a hoot… and the brass is incredible. If someone told me they didn’t care for Ray, this is the album I would play them to turn it all around.

  26. My favorite Ray Charles track is a duet with Aretha Franklin of “You Are My Sunshine”…

  27. I’ll give some love to “Smack Dab in the Middle” so I can rock n’ roll to satisfy my soul.

  28. I have to go with Night Time (is the Right Time). Just that sound brings back so many memories and I think was the best representation of his power. Having the girls be such a prominent part of the song also shows another aspect of his genius…let the girls tear it up too ! Never tire of hearing this one.

  29. Let’s Go Get Stoned. Great song with a message I can firmly stand behind. Especially the bridge. “Ain’t no harm to have a little taste, but don’t lose your cool and start messing up a man’s place. Ain’t no harm to take a little nip but don’t ya fall down and bust your lip.” Words to live by.

  30. Mess Around – I was seven when I first heard it. My older brother explained to me that ‘mess around’ was a metaphor for sex…which he also had to explain to me with his worldly fourteen year old wisdom. Never looked at women the same after. Song is Ray at his peak…can’t help but move to it.

    Also love John Candy’s slapstick driving scene in ‘Plains, Trains, Automobiles’ with this song playing. Laugh everytime I see it.

  31. you’re just about to lose your clown, georgia on my mind, them that got, let’s go get stoned

  32. I have to choose just ONE? Maybe “Genious Loves Company” for album, and “I Cant Stop Loving You” for song….

  33. Stella By Starlight – but there are so many. I love Born to Lose which I regard as one of the best recordings ever by anybody.

  34. Georgia on My Mind. It’s classic, but it also reminds me of the time I spent living in the south…and how much I miss it.

  35. “Lets Go Get Stoned” (1966) @1 R&B hit after Ray came out of rehab for a heroin addiction…Written by Adhford & Simpson

  36. I love the duet with Willie Nelson.

    And she knew the gun was empty,
    And she knew she couldn’t win,
    But her final prayer was answered
    When the rifles fired again.

  37. His Chaka Khan duet remaking The Brothers Johnson’s “I’ll Be Good To You” on a late ’90s (or earl ’90s?) Quincy Jones album…among scads of others.

  38. Saw him live in an outdoor concert along the river during the “Sternwheel Regatta” in Charleston, WV during the early 80s… One song he sang was “Let the Good Times Roll” and it was the right song, in the right place… at the perfect time.

  39. one of my 1st records was modern sounds in country & western music. always go back to that one.

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