My friend Thomas hipped me to this track earlier today. It’s been on repeat since. The vibe is early 80s melodic post-punk crossed with a nice dose of ambient new wave and ennui.  Eddie The Wheel is the project of Eddie Whelan, based in Athens, GA. “Nearsayerfive” is culled from his new EP He’s A Scream.

Eddie The Wheel :: Nearsayerfive

10 Responses to “Eddie The Wheel :: Nearsayerfive”

  1. digging this

  2. We’ve got a new podcast up today featuring amongst others: Parliament, Johnny Pate, Billy Childish, The Monks, The Sonics, The Fall and X-Ray Spex. That’s got to be worth and hour of anyone’s time.

  3. Anybody else hear The Glands in this? Because I hear it really prevalently…

  4. thank you for this–went to their site, all are good–sounds like summer

  5. totally hear the glands…

  6. Eds is awesome.

  7. oh yes, i hear the glands, a nicely updated glands.

  8. I got through a hangover to this.

  9. […] He’s A Scream and you can find it here at BandCamp It’s getting kudos from here to LA to Paris and you should most definitely check him out live this Saturday at Go Bar in Athens, GA […]

  10. […] Aquarium Drunkard wrote about their music over here. […]

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