In case you missed it, we’re fully committed to Destroyer’s latest long-player, Kaputt. More often than not, fresh material from artists I closely follow ends up playing a dual role. Besides the obvious interest in the new record, song, etc, it—and this is just as important—often revitalizes interest in their earlier work. The latter has been the case with Kaputt over the past couple of months, as I’ve been returning time and again to the albums that got me on board with Dan Bejar in the first place; notably 2001’s Streethawk: A Seduction and 2004’s Your Blues.

I brought both records over to Europe last month and both acted as a sort of makeshift soundtrack while traveling. Without getting into the many merits of both recordings, “It’s Gonna Take An Airplane” (from Your Blues) has retained every bit of what I loved upon first hearing it…i.e., Bejar hitting that sweet spot residing somewhere between melancholy, apathy and some kind of romantic love.

MP3: Destroyer :: It’s Gonna Take An Airplane

4 Responses to “It’s Gonna Take An Airplane”

  1. “airplane” (and the other older tunes; “painter” and “3000 flowers”) sounded completely new when given the kaputt band’s sax and trumpet treatment at the troubadour show. total instrumental re-imagining of those songs. hope the brass sticks around.

    hidden kaputt gem: “the laziest river” (side c)

  2. I’ve always held that Destroyer is meant to be listened to in Europe.

  3. “It’s gonna take an airplane” is cool – It makes me wanna kick it with my girl out in a field of wheat.

  4. I have a great cover of this song by Spoon. Pretty sure I got it here.

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