AD Presents :: White Denim @ The Echo, May 25

Wednesday night, May 25th, Aquarium Drunkard welcomes back White Denim to Los Angeles at The Echo. I’ve said as much numerous times on these pages in the past, but if you’ve yet to see this band live than you’re truly missing out on one of the best shows going today. Also, the band is sure to debut a bunch of material from their forthcoming LP, D. We have three pairs of tickets for AD readers. If you’d like to enter, leave your name and email below and what first turned you on the the band (song, album, show, etc.). Winners notified via email day before; tickets held at will-call. See you there.

MP3: White Denim :: Id’ Have It Just The Way We Were

7 thoughts on “AD Presents :: White Denim @ The Echo, May 25

  1. I was first turned on to them with “Let’s Talk About It” That whole EP was so loud and so much fun.

  2. first heard about them right here, thru the aquarium drunkard website! would love to see them, heard so many good things about them live!

  3. what’s new to me is old news to you.

    never heard of them. i was just sitting there and that song came up. now i’m in love.

  4. “Sitting” in my friends Golf and getting high instead of seeing our friend Cheese play DMB covers at a bar we never liked. Once the second part comes in with the reverse-delay guitar, friend and i were down the rabbit hole.

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