Merge Records just announced they will be releasing a collection of hard to find and previously unreleased tracks by the Magnetic Fields‘ Stephin Merritt. Entitled Obscurities, the set will feature songs during the bands run on the label from 1994-99. Look for it August 23rd. Here is the first taste, “Forever And A Day.” photo by Gail O’hara

MP3: Stephin Merritt :: Forever And A Day

4 Responses to “Stephin Merritt’s Obscurities: Forever And A Day”

  1. I dug this one quite a bit — thanks for posting it!

  2. heart be still

  3. […] verlieben möchte, wenn ich es nicht gerade bin, was selten offiziell wie inoffiziell der Fall ist. Forever And A Day ist mal wieder so ein Ding zum auf den Arsch setzen und selig […]

  4. Some good stuff on ‘Obscurities’. Read my full review here:

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