Simon & The Piemen :: Cut It Out

Should you ever happen upon it, there’s a great underground, oft-bootlegged, raw soul, r&b and trash compilation floating around called Pass The Soul. At twenty-five tracks the collection kicks off with Simon & The Piemen’s “Cut It Out,” a filthy dirty (mostly) instrumental banger from 1963 that sounds something like a twisted “Tighten Up” summoned from the darkside. With production quality on par with, say, recording inside of a trash can, “Cut It Out” thrives on personality and then some.

MP3: Simon & The Piemen :: Cut It Out


One thought on “Simon & The Piemen :: Cut It Out

  1. Being the massive soul fan I am, I’m always looking out for compilations like these…thank you!

    FYI – this compilation is available directly from Norton records (a label worth checking out!) for way cheaper than the website listed.

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