Sticking with the early–raw–R&B for a minute, here’s a side that pops up on eBay every once in awhile if you’re into collecting 45s. Recently comped on a sampler entitled Mr Hot Shot R&B, Anthony Lamont’s “Benny The Skinny Man” kicks the door in with the opening riff before launching into a nasty, propulsive, shuffle that lasts throughout the tracks two and half minutes. They don’t make them like this anymore.

MP3: Anthony Lamont :: Benny The Skinny Man

3 Responses to “Anthony Lamont :: Benny The Skinny Man”

  1. Sun Ra=Dan and/or Dale…?

  2. wow, holy sh__.

  3. looks like this is actually by Lamont Anthony, AKA LAMONT DOZIER

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