Gil Scott-Heron :: Live @ The Bottom Line 1977

Essential Gil Scott-Heron recording from 1977 captured at the now defunct Bottom Line club in New York City. If you’re looking for an intro to the man, there is no better place to start. Download links, info, etc after the jump.

Download: Gil Scott-Heron :: Live @ The Bottom Line 1977 – Part One – Part Two – Part Three

01. New Deal
02. Gumbai
03. Intro to Race Track In France
04. Race Track In France
05. Band Intros ~ Lead in to 95 South
06. 95 South
07. Intro to Hello Sunday, Hello Road
08. Hello Sunday, Hello Road
09. Intro to It’s Your World
10. It’s Your World
11. Home Is Where The Hatred Is
12. Almost Lost Detroit
13. Intro to Vildgolia
14. Vildgolia (Deaf, Dumb & Blind)
15. Winter In America
16. Under The Hammer
17. The Bottle
18. Intro to Johannesburg
19. Johannesburg

10 thoughts on “Gil Scott-Heron :: Live @ The Bottom Line 1977

  1. a big part of why i think the way i do…..he shaped many of my ideas in my teens….that last record was stunning….i just wish there was more. RIP

  2. The sound and the performance are great… thanks so much for the link! This should be available commercially.

  3. Thanks for the downloads will have a listen over the weekend GSH’s dad played for Celtic Football Club….. How cool is that????

  4. Part one seems to have been taken down. Any chance that it can be re-upped? Please!

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