Ty Segall, whose Melted was one of my favorite LPs of last year, has a new record coming out June 21st via Drag City. Yup, we’re jazzed. In the meantime, here’s Segall as Ty Rex, donning his best Bolan top hat, doing his take on”The Slider” via the Goner Records Record Store Day 12″ exclusive. h/t Said the Gramophone.

MP3: Ty Segall :: Slider

6 Responses to “Ty Segall :: The Slider (T. Rex)”

  1. That was the only album I bought on Record Stored Day… and I feel lucky.

  2. Dude is packin heat. Regardless, good rift-tune.

  3. Ty Segall is amazing live! Anyone catch them at the Verdi Club in San Francisco? http://youtu.be/_lT96UiToWc

  4. Not too shabby. That’s a hard one to pull off. Marc Bolan is a rock & roll god.

  5. […] on “Time.” Segall overtly acknowledged his debt to the T. Rex frontman with last year’s Ty Rex EP, but here his noisier instincts are tempered with mellotron leads and the kinds of stately vocal […]

  6. just got the mp3, but having this vinyl would be awesome. these tracks are killerrrr

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