Whiskeytown :: Kiss & Make Up (Those Weren’t The Days Version)

While visiting family last week in North Carolina I ran across an old CD-R I’d left there 8 or so years ago; a Whiskeytown bootleg of late 90s studio demos entitled Those Weren’t The Days. At 19 tracks much of the set is comprised of material that would later find a home on Whiskeytown deluxe reissues (Faithless Street/Stranger’s Almanac) and Adams’ solo work (see: “My Heart Is Broken“). The below track, “Kiss & Make Up,” eventually found its way on to the Stranger’s reissue from a couple years back, but in slightly different form in terms of the mix…which, upon closer inspection, may be a different take entirely. Whatever the case, I still prefer the below—the old bootleg version—to the one found on the reissue. I loved that old Whiskeytown stuff and still do; “Kiss & Make Up” being no exception exemplifying the band and Adams at their no-frills best.

MP3: Whiskeytown :: Kiss & Make Up (Those Weren’t The Days version)

10 thoughts on “Whiskeytown :: Kiss & Make Up (Those Weren’t The Days Version)

  1. I love the sort of quiet desperation of this song. Like a cocked spring. Calm before it is popped off. Thanks for mellowing out a tense day.

  2. Fantastic track. I’m not used to going this long without a new Ryan Adams album. This will help me get through.

  3. Thanks. LOVE Whiskeytown – the music they made never gets old. SO strong. I kinda even miss Ryan. wtf? where he at?

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