Boston Spaceships: Let It Beard / Andenu: Cowboy Zoo Theme

The dig…parsing through the archives, the muck. I suppose it’s what separates the men from the boys when it comes to the Robert Pollard canon.   Pollard, who on average releases several albums of material per year (going back to the early Guided By Voices days) is set to drop Let It Beard on August 2nd—a double LP with his latest band, Boston Spaceships. He definitely has my attention with this one; check out the guest appearances: Colin Newman (Wire), J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate), Mick Collins (The Dirtbombs), Dave Rick (Phantom Tollbooth) and Mitch Mitchell (Guided By Voices). You can watch the Let It Beard trailer here.

While on the Pollard tip, check out Andenu, below, one of Pollard’s various and sundry ‘fake’ band names who boast two appearances on the second GBV clearinghouse box set issued in 2005: Suitcase Vol 2.

MP3: Andenu :: Cowboy Zoo Theme

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