Ramsay Midwood :: Spinning On This Rock

Ramsay Midwood’s “Spinning On This Rock.” Found on the absolute classic Shoot Out At The Chinese Restaurant, Midwood comes on strong eating vowels like nobody’s business with a voice/vibe like Bobby Charles and Link Wray playing Russian roulette in a woodshed.   Also, in what can only be described as serendipity, I heard just this morning that Midwood has a new record in the can.

MP3: Ramsay Midwood :: Spinning On This Rock

12 thoughts on “Ramsay Midwood :: Spinning On This Rock

  1. I have had this cd for years and still play it frequently along with “Popular Delusions and the Madness of Cows” (which is just an awesome title!) Many more people should be listening to his music. His lyrics often make me chuckle because they are so clever and unique. Thanks for highlighting this.

  2. New album, “Larry buys a lighter”, i haven’t been able to stop listening to it since I picked it up! Highly recommend it!

  3. I was lucky enough to buy it at a show but there’s a link for paypal and information on his Facebook page. Get it! 😉

  4. “Larry Buys A Lighter” is genius. Don’t go another day without it. You won’t be sorry. Haven’t stopped listening to it since the day I bought it.

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