Vintage languid and drowsy instrumental surf dirge courtesy of the Truants. File under: fake nostalgia.

MP3: The Truants :: Sunset Surf

8 Responses to “The Truants :: Sunset Surf”

  1. Will we be seeing a Mondo Boys Weird Summer Part II anytime soon????

  2. yessir

  3. New podcast today with Quintron, King Khan, Hunx & his Punx, Shannon & the Clams, Nobunny and more

  4. Thanks for posting, a great song by a great surf group. Recorded at PAL Studios in Cucamonga, (where Frank Zappa worked as an engineer&session player – he later bought the studio&changed the name to Studio Z). What is fake nostalgia supposed to mean???

  5. this is what California sun is all about!!

  6. […] months. Sunset Surf is the perfect cool down, end-of-the-day song. Grab it over at Aquarium Drunkard. Relax n’ […]

  7. if Twin Peaks was set at the beach, this would be the soundtrack

  8. reminds me of dirty beaches

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