Nothing against the UK version of the Creation’s “How Does It Feel To Feel,” but it’s this—the US version—that really isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty. After all, this is the band that during their brief two-year run (1966-68) described their sound as “red – with purple flashes.” At their best, the Creation banged out nuggets on par with the early garage-blasts of their countrymen, the Kinks, and “Feel To Feel” is no exception.

MP3: The Creation :: How Does It Feel To Feel (US Version)

2 Responses to “The Creation :: How Does It Feel To Feel (US Version)”

  1. What a a fantastic slab of rock! The Creation have been on my “to-do” list for a while, so thanks for the kick in the pants and the post.

  2. The Creation were great. But for my money, no one beat the vocals of Reg King of The Action. The other great lost mod group.

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