Tom Waits :: Never Talk to Strangers (LP Bootleg, 1979)

Recorded at the BBC Studios London, for the “Tonight In Person” show in July of 1979, this vinyl bootleg finds Waits working up material from his Asylum years. This particular performance hit the spot recently as I’d been spending a lot of time with Waits’ transitional Heartattack And Vine LP—which ultimately reinvigorated an interest in the earlier catalog.

Download: Tom Waits :: Never Talk to Strangers (LP Bootleg) July 26, 1979

Side One
With a Suitcase
I Never Talk To Strangers
Step Right Up
On the Nickel
Red Shoes By The Drugstore

Side Two
Burma Shave
Kentucky Avenue
Small Change
Closing Time (fades out)

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16 thoughts on “Tom Waits :: Never Talk to Strangers (LP Bootleg, 1979)

  1. Discovered Tom Waits late in life and am now devouring back catalogue and boots. Like this one especially because the BBC production is soooooooooo good. Thanks a million… old man… happy 🙂

  2. Amazing. Thanks so much! I love Tom Waits. Those who also love him might like my band Birdeatsbaby – influenced by himself. Sorry for the self-promo there! 🙂

  3. I SAW this set on my local PBS station in the early 80s (could have been 79)…I grabbed my cassette recorder and stuck it up to the TV to have a record of it—the vhf hum was loud but the performance was great. Something I’d never expect to find again sounding so clean. Excellent! Thank you so much.

  4. Sadly, no one uses the phrase “drugstore prophylactics” in a song anymore.

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