Colossal Gospel :: Circles

15 years ago I would have most likely stumbled upon this recording by way of a dubbed cassette; a decade ago via a hand scrawled, black felt-tipped, CD-R.   Over the past couple of years both have given way to a new homespun, easily produced/distributed, digital counterpart—Bandcamp.

Rooted in traditional folk music, Leeds, Alabama’s Colossal Gospel is the songwriting and recording partnership of Stephen Weibelt and Chris Johnson. While reminiscent of modern practitioners such as Horse Feathers, Devendra Banhart and Robin Pecknold, the pair’s music invokes the humidity, ambiance and red clay of its rural southern provenance. Circles is their self-released debut.

MP3: Colossal Gospel :: I Have Heart, I Have a Heart
MP3: Colossal Gospel :: Observer and Creature

6 thoughts on “Colossal Gospel :: Circles

  1. delicious. more like this, please. horse feathers is one of my favorites. honey dewdrops. ever listen? gillian vibe…good stuff. go dawgs.

  2. The first influence I hear is undoubtedly Grizzly Bear. The big difference is that guys put a blanket over our shoulders as we gaze into the cold and dimness of their expansive musical space; Grizzly Bear often leaves you to warm yourself in their bitter cold breezes.

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