A raucous two and half minutes of sweaty tomfoolery, I debuted this Turf War track on the radio show a couple weeks back after catching the fellas in Athens last month. “Cheers To The Years” is the first taste off the Atlanta band’s upcoming full-length, Years Of Living Dangerously, out this September via Old Flame Records. Fellow Atlantan Ian St. Pé, of the Black Lips, produced.

MP3: Turf War :: Cheers To The Years

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  1. you know i love this …

  2. […] good friends at Aquarium Drunkard were kind enough to premiere the first MP3 from the debut album from Atlanta’s Turf War. […]

  3. […] I mentioned on my Twitter feed this morning, their song Cheers To The Years makes me want to go drinking. I’m not sure if that was a strictly healthy response to […]

  4. Love us some Hotlanta… http://jaminthevan.com/ & http://www.facebook.com/Jaminthevan

  5. Atlanta via Augusta…..

  6. […]  While letting that one brew, we caught wind of Athens-based "Turf War" via Aquarium Drunkard.  In September, Turf War will be releasing Years of Living Dangerously, and […]

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